Monday, December 19, 2011

Twins, blender murderer and more...

I am preggo with twins!  Double trouble; two times the blessing!  Charlie and I couldn't be more thrilled, however I've had to up my chow intake.  boo, scale decided to start climbing up and up.  Yeah, I've been crying a little bit lately over that.  Chock that one up to increased hormones.

So, I murdered my blender.  no really.  I had a preggo brain fart and was putting a mason jar of garlic granules on my shelf and when I thought i had it up on the shelf, I let it go.  Yeah.  It wasn't on the shelf.  The glass pint jar fell and shattered my blender carafe. It was pretty. - Glass, 12 speed, made "snow".  I miss it.  I have been DYING for a green smoothie.

After the new year, I'm going to be upping my raw food intake.  The way I figure it can only help me, not harm me or the babies.  After all, everything I put in my body affects both of us, why not give them the best start possible- but you can read about that in my last post.

STILL working on my ebook.  It'll be out sometime... if my wonderfully amazing husband (not sarcastic there!) stops knocking me up, and after we relocate and I get used to life with twins, in a new place, and if Charlie's mom moves in with us (I'm truly looking forward to that!) life will be a little different, and hopefully I'll be able to get stuff done. :)

So, that's the news for now.  as soon as I'm blenderized again, I'll see what I can do to post a new smoothie or something.

Blessings in Christ,
me. :)