Friday, December 28, 2012

90 day juice feast!

Holy bashiz- has it TRULY been a year since my last post?

SO MUCH has happened this year.

Let's see.... My ex-husband and I had it out in court over the kids.  I won on that.  Actually, THEY won that but not for this post.  Charlie and my 2nd anniversary was March 25.  That was the day my MIL passed away.  I was truly looking forward to her living with us.  I had the twins on April 16th.  THAT was a funny story that I will save for another post.  And we moved over 400 miles away- yay military move.

So, it's quickly coming to a new year and I've decided to take control of myself.  Don't we always do that, every year? LOL!  well, this time I mean it darnit!

I've started my transition already and here's my plan:

Today and tomorrow (and yesterday but that's gone) I'm eating raw vegan.  Saturday - Monday I'm doing a water fast to cleanse my system.  Tuesday the 1st starts 90 days of juice feasting.

96 ounces of fresh fruit and veggie juice a day plus 1/2 my body weight in fluid ounces of water a day.  Holy kidney workout, batman!

Meanwhile, I will be using the fruit and veggie pulp to make crackers in my dehydrator.  For both the kids and myself when I'm done my feast.

My goals:
Aside from the "just get healthy" aspect, (what does that even mean?!  health means so much to so many)  I want to see how cured my asthma can be- (I believe that it's a curable autoimmune disease because of what I eat) and I want to see weight loss.  I want energy and for my kids to see me as the fun, energetic mom, the one who plays with them.

I'm not putting an actual weight-loss goal though, I would LOVE to initially get down to 180.  that was the weight I was when Charlie and I met and while it's not the best looking weight, he was attracted to me. :)  I want to see my body in a shape other than round.  I want to be the eye-candy that my husband deserves when he is in his dress uniform instead of what I feel I look like now.

My Attitude:
I have heard some really crappy things all of my life from my parents.  I have been told that I'm ugly, not worth "it", that I'll never be pretty, that my body will never be desirable, etc- all the things that normal people would NEVER say to a child, and yet I have heard them.  I won't go into the most damaging things, but I want to erase these toxic thoughts from my brain when I purge my fat.  When I detox my body, I want to detox my mind as well.  I have already removed certain toxic people from my life and I am a happier person for it, but I have work to do before I am renewed.

My Spirituality:
I am not only hoping to draw closer to God, but I am not ashamed to share that.  I plan on doing scripture to help me get through whatever I need for that day.  This is not to "bible-thump" to you, but this is to help myself.  If you have an issue with that, please don't watch the videos.  there's no need for you to be insulting with it by leaving nasty comments or even "disliking" the vids I post.  I'm not here to do this for anyone but me, but I do hope that you can gain wonderful information with it, and maybe I'll be able to help you through something you're going through.

Why I'm doing this:
I'm blogging and video logging this, because I want to be sure that I see changes.  I may have tons of energy, but I want to SEE it.  I want to feel it, I want to verify and have proof that I'm losing and that I'm gaining at the same time.

My starting stats:
Weight: 261
measurements:  IDK.  I haven't checked.  I will before the 1st day of the fast.

Today's video: