Monday, December 19, 2011

Twins, blender murderer and more...

I am preggo with twins!  Double trouble; two times the blessing!  Charlie and I couldn't be more thrilled, however I've had to up my chow intake.  boo, scale decided to start climbing up and up.  Yeah, I've been crying a little bit lately over that.  Chock that one up to increased hormones.

So, I murdered my blender.  no really.  I had a preggo brain fart and was putting a mason jar of garlic granules on my shelf and when I thought i had it up on the shelf, I let it go.  Yeah.  It wasn't on the shelf.  The glass pint jar fell and shattered my blender carafe. It was pretty. - Glass, 12 speed, made "snow".  I miss it.  I have been DYING for a green smoothie.

After the new year, I'm going to be upping my raw food intake.  The way I figure it can only help me, not harm me or the babies.  After all, everything I put in my body affects both of us, why not give them the best start possible- but you can read about that in my last post.

STILL working on my ebook.  It'll be out sometime... if my wonderfully amazing husband (not sarcastic there!) stops knocking me up, and after we relocate and I get used to life with twins, in a new place, and if Charlie's mom moves in with us (I'm truly looking forward to that!) life will be a little different, and hopefully I'll be able to get stuff done. :)

So, that's the news for now.  as soon as I'm blenderized again, I'll see what I can do to post a new smoothie or something.

Blessings in Christ,
me. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Raw Pregnancy!

I am having a raw pregnancy this time.  I want the absolute best for my body and in all honesty, being this big (dare I say obese) during pregnancy is hell on my joints.  My hips are already hurting, BUT I'm getting plenty of nutrients in what I'm eating.  I have lost 9 lbs this week.  I'm rather excited about that!

I know with the SAD (Standard American Diet) pregnant are expected to gain weight.  I get this, because you want the baby to grow.  Why do you need to gain 30 lbs?  (standard)  You only NEED to gain the weight that baby is, the placenta and the fluids.  How is htis a hard concept?

Well, you shouldn't be dieting while pregnant.
you're right.  you shouldn't.  Raw food isn't a diet.  I am eating nutritionally what is right for me and my baby.  Answer me a question:  which is better, a bag of cheetoes or a bag of salad?  any idiot (and some smart people) will of course say salad.  So why is it a major deal that I'm eating salad more than anything else?

I don't see what the problem is.  I"m getting 100% nutrition and yet people are worried about me getting nutrition.  Sure, makes sense to me.

What about detox?
my thought on that is this- I'm not a medical doctor, I don't work for hte FDA and if you follow what I'm doing it's on you, not me.  Now, with that disclaimer said, even though I might detox into my blood, 1, the placenta is a filter, 2, I am flushing those toxins out.  They're not staying in my body.  3- if I continue to eat a greasy cheeseburger, my cells become made of that.  my cells become nutrient deprived and "greasy".  So do my unborn child's.  I breast feed to give my children the best start.  The most normal, natural, healthy food for my children, (and I'm doing it to this day!) why wouldn't I start that in-utero?

Well, last night I made some date mini donut holes and some cauliflower popcorn (I've posted that earlier).  Zoe helped suck down the popcorn, and they both helped me eat the donut holes.

The donut holes recipe:
I didn't measure anything, so I'm winging this.  PLEASE suit it to your taste!  All measurements are "about".
cup or so of dates, pitted
2T cacao nibs
1/2 c. shredded coconut
1 c. walnuts (soaked)
tsp vanilla extract
few pinches of sea salt.

process in a food processor until almost a paste consistency.  scoop out using a mini scoop, and put on dehydrator sheets.  dehydrate 12-14 hours at 115*.  remove to plate (or glass mason jar).  Just try to deny these to your kids.  HA!

Btw, I started this week at 250, and I'm now down to 241!  WHILE pregnant.  rather excited.  (funny thing, I don't look like I weigh that much, but it still is hard on my joints while I'm pregnant).

as I'm writing this, the baby is kicking giving me the "kid tested and approved" recipes! LOL!!

My next endeavour will be an ice cream maker.  There's some nut ice creams that I am wanting to make.  Ani Phyo has an AMAZING coconut one!!  No really, ask Charlie, I've eaten BOWLS of this multiple times before I was pregnant last time and it was hard for me to keep it in stock!  It was so delicious and I craved it.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now, but 9 lbs down.  6 more weeks until Charlie comes home.  I'm hoping to surprise him!  I'll post pics of progress when I get them.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guess Who's Back!

So it's been quite a while since I posted.  Last you heard I was pregnant and I'm writing a smoothie E-book.  Well, I'm still writing the book, and I had our beautiful son (Nathan) on Janary 14th! 

So much has happened in the past few weeks that for the sake of my health, sanity and thrivation (I'm the author, I can make up words as I go along.)  I'm going back raw... again.  This time is different and here's why:

My amazing, wonderful, sweet, meat-and-potatoes husband was just diagnosed with diabetes.  Everyone's heard of it, but what it means is that his cells arent' absorbing the sugar in his bloodstream anymore.  He's on a pill, not insulin shots and he has to monitor his BSL and we'll find out more as we go along.  Don't know if it's type 1 or 2 yet, but he has ZERO signs that he's type 2, for instance, he's not older (33!), he is in no way obese (185lbs at 5'11"), he's not having any problems, vision, sensory, kidney, liver, etc. 

How we found out was we went to get life insurance.  the bloodwork came back on him and they refused him.  I'm just thankful that we found this out NOW instead of in a few years, when he's driving on the interstate and passes out or something.    It's a scary thing.

So, we've made a pact and I basically told him: "You ARE going raw with me".  He is choosing his health, so now it's my duty to find recipes he'll like.