Monday, June 3, 2013

Almonds and dates and cherries- oh my!

I am yumaliciously concocting some recipes lately.  And today's is a Cherry Smoothie- 100% raw, 100% good for you, and packed with protein!

If you've ever been around me, you know I have a killer sweet tooth.  I LOVE sugar.  Unfortunately sugar doesn't love me back.  But wait, Natural Sugar (found in fruit, known as fructose) is ok for you!  WOOHOO!  

I made the most delicious almond milk today.  It's thick and creamy and sweet and perfect for what I was using it for.  How do you make that?  Oh so simple grasshopper.

1c. almonds (soaked overnight in water- enough to swell up and break the enzyme inhibitors, so you can actually digest the proteins!)

about 4 cups of water (give or take.  mine tends to be a little thick, so I have to use more water to remind myself, I"m not making cream.)

10 dates (I use small ones so that's why so many) without the pit.  (optional- and can do less or more)
1/2 t. vanilla extract OR 1 t. vanilla powder.

blend in a blender.  High power/speed is great (I have a Vitamix) but it's not a requirement.  Blend until totally mixed.  strain in a nut bag if you're lucky enough to have one, or a strainer lined with muslin cloth.  If you do that, unbleached is best.

You can even save the pulp.

Anyhoo- on to the real recipe.

1 c. almond milk (more or less)

handful of frozen cherries.  (if you can buy organic, great!  If not, you can always pit and freeze your own.  If THAT's not possible, hey- fruit is better than a milkshake...)
5-10 more dates

Blend all of that (may need to add more water or more almond milk) in your blender until totally creamy!  enjoy and hope it's yum for you!  Yes, you can add greens to this.  Yes, you can even run this through your ice cream maker -according to MFR's instructions. (wow, that looks a little wrong....  sorry!) In fact, I might make some of that and take some pictures.  You can even drink this after a workout because of the digestible protein will help rebuild your muscles.  Yeah, buddy!  Enjoy!  Want to see it?  I knew you would.

Raw food is awesome-sauce for your body!

Lastly:  I made this recipe myself.  If you see something similar, please know I didn't jack someone else's recipes, this is just what I came up with by experimentation.