Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wanting to do so much.

Hey Y'all.

So this past week has been very horrible for my family.  We lost a baby that I was carrying on the 23rd.  We're grieving so much, but it's made me reevaluate some things.  What if it was my fault by the crap foods that I had been eating?

Yeah, I just had an order from nuts.com come in (about a month ago) and I'm working on some new raw recipes.  My goal is to record some new videos making raw foods, and have a kids segment and stuff.  I really REALLY want to do this, but we'll see how much I'm able to do with my being in school and homeschooling (which will be a little easier considering it'll be summer!)

So good news:  I am looking forward to coming up with some new recipes and getting healthier. :)

Be blessed!

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