Friday, April 9, 2010

11 week challenge and what is living food?

Penni Shelton (I probably spelled her name wrong) from (come check me out there!) is issuing an 11 week challenge.  it's 77 days and I think I'm going to take her up on it.  she is giving so many awesome tips, like having a core menu, and a support system, and getting our minds right, things like that.

Well, it starts tomorrow.  Most people gorge on crap that's nto good for them teh day before a "diet" starts.  Well, raw food is a lifestyle, not a diet.  It's a way of living, and eating, not just deprive yourself of something.

That is focus on what we CAN have, instead of what I don't want to shove into my body anymore.  The premise of raw foods is taking care of our bodies. 

Living food = living body.  Dead food = dead body.  plain and simple.  Well, okay- what does living food mean?  Living food is food with live cultures and enzymes in it that when broken down in your body, your cells absorb and can begin healing itself if necessary, as well as allows it to funciton properly.  Well ok, so what is "dead" food?  dead food is food that has been heated to a point where the enzymes are destroyed and the food is no longer beneficial.  while there may be some traces of nutrients, they are no where near where you need them to be for your body, or the portion size that you would need to eat.  These dead foods leave us feeling hungry, lethargic, and all around "blah".  Kind of like that overstuffed feeling from thanksgiving.

Our bodies create millions of cells an hour. What we put into our bodies is what makes our bodies.  You've heard that you are what you eat, well, that saying is more real than we realize.  Every molecule of food that you take in becomes part of your cells.  If you're eating crap, that crap will be part of you.  it will become part of the structure that is your bones, skin, blood, lymph- everything!

Imagine if you fed your body pure unadulterated goodness?  100% live energy?  This is what raw food is.  Feeding our cells everything that it absolutely needs to create a sound structure, to live longer, and to be healthier is what this lifestyle is about.  Will you lose weight?  depends on if your body needs to.  Will you gain it?  same answer.  Imagine every time you eat that you are filling every cell you have with much-needed nutrition, live enzymes, and hydration?  Imagine how plump, toned and healthy your skin cells would look?  Move over oil vou frog!  Real solutions are here!

so back to the 11 week challenge- for the next 77 days I will be high raw.  Haven't been so much with the 100% so I'm working DAILY on a high raw over the next 11 weeks.  I will also post a weekly picture of me and my stats.  sigh.  that scares me, but I'm looking forward to it.  the accountability is pretty mixed.

Wish me luck!

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