Wednesday, March 31, 2010

plastic surgery.

well, I have been having a few thoughts running through my head lately.  I have even brought this up to my husband. 

I want to get my boobs done.

Well, I'm currently sitting at 38DD's (technically an E but good luck finding that bra at Walmart) and while my hubby loves it (he's a boob man) I know that I don't have the biggest boobs on the planet I definitely don't want them to go away.  After all, breasts are designed not only to feed a child, but to attract a mate.  Well, mine was attracted to several things on me, my boobs being one of them.  I want to KEEP him attracted to me and if that means getting a little work done on my chest, so be it.

Now, as I'm losing weight, I know that my boobs are going to shrink.  just a fact of life.  and I know I'm not doing anything until after I'm done having children.  Nursing them is more important than my vanity.  for my friends that eat raw, and believe in all things natural my question is this:

Would you recommend it?  Would you alter your body to please yourself even though there could be complications and dangers?  Would you do that to your body or would you stay with the body that you had even if you weren't comfortable with it?

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