Thursday, March 18, 2010

food addictions

I never realized how strong addictions were until I tried to break one.  Like any addiction, chemicals are released on your brain to make you want it more.  My parents have argued with me (my dad moreso than my mom) about cigarettes are more addictive than food.  I don't think so.  I think that food can be just as addictive.  I mean, you never heard someone after trying 1 cigarette go "that's positively sinful!  Ugh, if I don't get another one of these, I will absolutely die!".  What you DO hear is hacking, wheezing, gagging and usually friends laughing at you for not being able to hold it down.  cigarettes don't become addictive (IMHO) until you've had several.  I may be wrong on that, and if you have scientific proof, please post it.  I would be interested in learning more.

Back to addictions- SUGAR.  there are so many moments in any given day that I CRAVE sugar to the point where I would just make something bad for me, or reach for a premade (insert sugary, goopy snack here) brownie just to satisfy the craving and then cope with guilt for a few hours afterward. 

WHATS UP WITH THAT???  It's like my mind isn't strong enough to conquer my body and then I feel regret, sorrow, and anger revoltion, fear, and even satisfaction in feeling that way because it's comfortable.

Well.... how do I break that?  do I need a life coach, or a "sponsor" like AA meetings?  can I tackle it on my own?  ugh I wish I knew.  Oh well.  Again, I will do research on it and see waht can be done about it.

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