Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tell me this doesn't look good???

I made a chocolate mousse with a vanilla cashew cream and let me tell you- YUM!!! For some reason my mousse tastes a little like licorice. I think it may have been my avacados considering the vanilla, agave and cocoa have all been used before, even in teh vanilla cream.

I HIGHLY recommend you do something for yourself- go to the dollar store (I LIVE at the dollar tree!!) and get yourself some pretty glasses.  Do whatever you need to to make your dishes feel "pretty".  This is a daquari glass which I also use for smoothies and stuff.  It's kind of nice to sit in a hot bath and sip from a cold smoothie with a steel drum playing on the CD player!

Well, I think this is absolutely the best dessert ever.  and the coolest thing is this is for ANY meal of the day, not just dessert!  I think I will cover it in plastic, store it in the fridge and eat it for breakfast tomorrow.

Recipes are coming, I'll give you sneak peaks because I've decided I'm making up an uncooked book.  title and recipes are tba.

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