Monday, March 29, 2010

Don'tcha wish your GF was RAW like me?

so, listening to the Pussy Cat Dolls over and over in my head- that line keeps making me smile because it means something totally different for those of us who know the joys of raw food.

This is a particularly hard time of year for me.  So much junkfood in easy access, sugar eyes staring back at me from solid chocolate bunnies; peanut butter beconing me from the shelves, and those delicious but absolutely horrid for you little eggs made by the company that sounds like they're snooty english toffee company.

So, what gets me though this are just a few simple "rules".  it's not about what I CAN'T have, it's what I CAN have.   I can have: coconut, peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate, agave, figs, dates, all sorts of yummy raw foods!  Cashews to make cheesecake with and make some amazing ice cream.  Strawberries to cover in chocolate, avacado mousse with vanilla creme.  LOADS of goodies that I'm gonna eat!  (pssst!  They're not only good for me, I will most likely L-O-S-E weight from it!!!)

for example, coconut is one of my favorite flavors.  So, when I blend cashews, coconut oil agave nectar and the slightest bit of water with some dried coconut, I can make my own "cups" with a frozen liquid chocolate, and it makes for an instant and HEALTHY alternative to the sugary coconut laden goo that would clog my arteries for years while giving me visceral pleasure on my tongue for just a few seconds.  same goes with almond butter cups (better IMHO than peanut butter, though they're awesome too).

as for chocolate bunnies- what's wrong with using a liquid chocolate in a mold and freeze it?  nada.

So, now that I'm raw, I wonder what I'm going to do for my children for easter.  I don't want to give them a sugar addiction to commemorate the resurrection of our Lord- sigh.  what to do?  OH WAIT!  I know.... yay, raw desserts!

Well, I'm going to come up with some yummy treats and they'll go into my recipe book- it's going to be fabulous! :D  BOLO for a SUPER yummy book coming soon! :)

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