Sunday, March 21, 2010

make me some popcorn

and it didn't taste like popcorn.  Don't get me wrong- it was delicious, but it just wasn't popcorn-y.  I also tweaked the recipe since I'm not a big cayenne pepper kind of girl.  Check out his video demonstration on

So, Philip McClusky- thank you so much for the delicious recipe.  I can't wait to try it dehydrated.

1 head of cauliflower
nutritional yeast to taste
sea salt to taste
garlic powder to taste.

chop cauliflower, put in ziplock bag, add rest of ingredients.  Shake the bag, dance around, be happy.  Eat and enjoy!  I will probably dehydrate these and make them a little crunchier (hoping for pirate booty consistency, but will see.)

On a side note, these would be awesome with agave and cinnamon also.  make it like a caramel popcorn, dehydrating on teflex sheets until they're super crispy and sweet and perfect.

so, I'm happy to be raw again.  It takes very little to fill me up, my body knows it's fuller faster and there's no need for me to keep stuffing my face to try to get the nutrients that are void in the "foods" that are cooked anyway.

Well, I'm done with this particular blog.  OH!  aside from the fast that my 3 year old LOVES this- kids are awesome to get to eat raw; well my kids anyway.  They enjoy the smoothies and stuff that I make, so introducing then to new stuff, they tend to like it.  Judah adored the "popcorn" and it will definitely become a summer staple for us. :)

catcha on the flipside!

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