Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Okay, so I went shopping today.

yowza! I went shopping and while everything I bought wasn't necessarily raw I only spent $170. Not bad for 4 people for two weeks. I am going to be making sevearl recipes today, hopefully for the next week or so. I found an amazing recipe for "popcorn" that Phillip McClusky made, it's supposed to be awesome. If you want the recipe I found it from renegadehealthshow.com. You can check them out on youtube also.

So, I apologize for not writing to you in Raw land since January. As soon as I wrote that blog, that very night my HP computer decided to crap out. I now have an acer and we will see how long this thing lasts. :) It's brand new, not refurb, so I'm rather excited about it! My man spoils me!!!

So, I haven't exactly been raw lately. I'm a little upset at myself for it, but I REFUSE to beat myself up too badly. Everyone is entitled to a slip up now and then, and we all know how often new years resolutions stick. I DO promise to give myself 100% though, because my body is worth taking care of, as yours is! 

I'm also looking into exactly what happens to our cells when we eat cooked/ processed foods, and how the enzymes in living foods help us, etc.  I really want to know waht happens to our bodies and how they work.  Not just the feel-better aspect of raw, but the actual WHY it's better for us.

Well, another day another dollar!  Must go finish all that I was doing and prep for my guild meeting tonight!  Hugs and kisses everyone!

OH! - I've just started 2 more blogspot blogs.  Check me out at HeatherAndCharliesWedding.blogspot.com; all aobut my upcoming wedding, what's going on, how to get in touch with us, etc  and SSHdiva.blogspot.com; a smart, savvy homemaker diva blog, listing things you may want to know, or that can help you in your homemaking in the future!  LOADS of helpful hints, natural cleaning recipes, etc!!  see you there, adn become my stalkers! :)

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