Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 lb mark!

I'm down to 241.5  This is just under my 10 lb mark.  I'm super excited because in just over a week this happened AND I was no where near 100% raw.  In fact, I was under 50% most of the time.   Now, some of you might be looking at the numbers and going "so what?  241.5 is still fat"  yes, it is, but EVERYONE is at a different journey and this is mine.  I have no shame in where I am as long as I'm on the path I should be.

I started out this week not really eating much.  I guess I fasted for a couple days because I wasn't in the mood to eat.  I took in some water, but I REALLY listened to my body this week.  I didn't bother eating when I wasn't hungry but I did keep myself hydrated.  My body was really thrown off by this, as I was tired for a while, but I did get plenty of sleep.  (my hubby put me in bed by 7:45 last night!)  My body was regenerating and healing itself.  It wasn't putting forth the effort to digest foods and took that energy to heal itself.

tomorrow I go 100% raw.  I'm eating about 85% today.  I forgive myself in advance if I "slip up". 

My ultimate goal:  120 lbs.  I will take pics at every 10 lb mark.  I will document myself through pictures and blogging.  I'm pretty excited!

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