Saturday, January 2, 2010

holy bejeesus!

So, I stepped on a scale yesterday and got a little shock. I wasn't expecting that much, (and no, I'm not telling you, yet. It's too touch-and-go for me right now, and honestly it's a LOT painful. I have lost a lb. since yesterday and that I'm excited about, however this morning is still super early, and the reason I'm up is because I had a 4 hour nap yesterday and slept from 10:00pm on, so in essence yesterday I slept 11 hours. yikes! must have needed it.

Well, I'm about to go do dishes, and since it's only 6:47 in teh morning, I won't be running my blender. I WILL be making some seriously yummy dishes to get me through the next few days though.

Sunday, I need to publicly thank you!!! You have saved my life by showing me the raw diet, and your support has been amazing! Girl, I wish we lived closer so we could get together, and btw- found a GREAT place for natural spring water here in TN! :)

So, yesterday I had a smoothie. I also had a sloppy joe for dinner, and yes I "failed" in not being 100% raw, however most people will tell you that if you go 100% you'll experience a detox. Well, while I don't really have a problem detoxing- I'm used to feeling like crap- I do have a problem being the only one here to do it. I don't want to go through that with the kids here, or while my honey is work.

Today, I'm going to try the 100% raw. :) TRY being the key word. I loved it a few months ago when I dropped 12 lbs in the 1st week! it was frigging awesome, so I"m going to try that again.

Oh! Medically- I notice that my asthma is flaring up. Well, it's been that way for weeks. I went and met my fiancee's family for the first time and they all smoke like chimneys, so that took it's toll on my lungs as well as not having my medication. WELL, I'm stopping my meds for a while. When you get so much nutrition, your medication will be more intense in your system, so i can't take what i was on.

I guess I'm doing a whole system detox for a while. This should be interesting. Here's to a prosperous new year!

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  1. LOL, I also came up with a new name for myself... I'm now RAWby Rose, instead of Ruby Rose- get it??? Yeah, I'll keep the comedy to the professionals. :)