Saturday, May 30, 2015


I wrote you yesterday saying that I was dying.  I am on the road to a massive coronary, stroke, kidney and liver failure, and a slew of other health problems, up to and including death prematurely, from completely preventable diseases.

Today I was on my personal facebook page and I said that I wanted to be the healthiest person I know.  Well, I inadvertently put out a challenge by doing so.  The thing is:  being the healthiest person you know; there isn't a standard.  It's comparing yourself to who you were before, and your habits to those around you.

No, this isn't an "act better than anyone else" kind of thing, it's "is my health better than everyone I know?".  When a friend has allergies or is sick, or whatever- are you healthier than that?  And are you SURE?

This can quickly turn "ugly", but I want to encourage you to be the healthiest YOU can be.  

See?  This is why I'll likely never make money off of my blog.  I can't get my thoughts out correctly.

 Meanwhile, I'm going to try to write what I eat on a daily basis, and hold myself accountable and hope you hold me accountable as well!  I also want to start vlogging, but yeah- be forewarned; I SUCK at that.  Once I figure it out, I'll gladly get everything up and running for your viewing pleasure.

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