Saturday, May 30, 2015

Not a good day.

Today started off well.  I woke up, drank some water, had strawberries with the rest of my cashew cream ice cream (melted overnight in the fridge.  maybe 1/4 cup.)  went shopping with the husband and kids and planned on going to a birthday party with my family to a treasured friend's home.

So at lunch (after shopping) I went and got a salad, and even skipped the croutons.  Very proud of myself.  Then in walked temptation.  I'm talking the kind of temptation that is smoking hot, right in your face and calling you, nay- beckoning you to share in the sinful pleasures it brings.  Yeah, I thought I was ready.

Not a chance.  Today was blown during and after lunch.

I told you that I was going to do total transparency to not only hold myself and have you hold me accountable.  Boy, there is some accountability needed here....  (at least I'm not a guru in the health world..... yet. ;) )

This morning:

Sliced strawberries (about a pound) with some cashew cream.  Let me tell you, this was absolute heaven for me!  It was everything that screams summer breakfast.  Light, delicious, creamy, sweet, and yumtastic.


I went shopping so I got a salad out.  A garden salad; no cheese, no croutons, just veggies.  1- it was a mediocre salad at best.  most of the veggies were wilted and there was a slight watery goo at the bottom of the bowl.  Which means that salad was there at least a week or two.  SO not happy with that, but I trudged on like a good soldier.  then in walks my husband with popeye's chicken.   it went down hill from there.

Then I went to a kid's birthday party and I dove onto the plate of rice krispie treats like a zombie on soft organs.  :/  It was bad.  I then had a hot dog.

0 days meat free as of today.  Mea culpa, y'all.

BUT the key to life is love, and in love, I have to love myself.  Which means I have to forgive myself and move on.  After all, nothing good happens when you wallow, and absolutely zero moving forward is equivalent to death.

I am inundating myself with life and positivity.   Going to meditate on some positive thoughts, and I'll catch you tomorrow with my update!

Hugs and love!  And don't forget- you Rawk!

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