Monday, December 15, 2014

Screwed up, not guilty.

So, I went out to eat last night.  I screwed up big-time.  Actually I screwed up in several ways and here's how:

I had meat and bread.  Fried chicken to be exact.  Yes, it was delicious.  It was greasy and I didn't feel right after eating it.  I also had like 3 biscuits.  Yup, we went to cracker barrel and I ordered the chef salad without meat, or cheese or even croutons!  (I was being a good girl) but then after sitting there for 20 minutes after we ordered without food, she brought biscuits.  THe kids were hungry.  and if you believe them, they were on the verge of complete annihilation through starvation, even though they ate a few hours before.  I, however, had not eaten all day except 1 apple and 1 grapefruit, and that was after 2:00.... :/

So, fail #1- I didn't plan ahead.  I made a post before this one about meal planning.  I didn't follow through.

Fail #2- I was already hungry when I went out to eat.  Yes, the point of a restaurant is to eat, but since I was overly hungry I ate absent-mindedly which brings me to fail #3

Fail #3- I was not aware when I should have been.  I saw something edible and put it in my mouth.  Just because it was there and I was hungry doesn't mean it should have gone into my mouth, and yet it did.

Fail #4- they didn't have a salad dressing I like, and very little that wasn't overly processed and certainly nothing that was considered raw.

So, with those 4 fails, it boils down to this:  I wasn't prepared.  Had I not been so hungry by eating before, at least enough to tide me over until food gets there, and make sure that I don't go for just anything.  Preparation is key.

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