Sunday, December 7, 2014

The key to being raw...

So, I've had friends I've introduced to the Raw Food lifestyle, and they've asked me what is the key to staying raw?

Well, I've had issues with this myself.  The best advice I can give you is this:  1- if you're interested and asking about raw food, then you're obviously ready for it.  but that doesn't mean you're ready to go completely raw for the rest of your life.  Just listen to your body.

Ok, the "KEY" for me to being raw is preparation.  Prepare your food in advance.  For example, it's 9:41 in the morning, I"ve made my breakfast (avocado pudding!), lunch (will be a salad, easy to prepare in just a few) I'm going to take some pomegranate and grapefruit for a snack while at rehearsal and dinner is in the dehydrator. I've made cauliflower mashed potatoes and I'm marinading some portabello mushroom steaks- also in the dehydrator (to soften and get warm).  With that I will have some green beans with the left over marinade.  (Which I will post later, I"m on my way to church.)

Very proud of myself that I have the day of raw waiting for me, and in doing that, I"ll stay raw and stay focused.  I think tomorrow will be tacos.  I have 2 more avocados that I have to use up before they go bad.
Stay focused, Rawkstar!  You CAN do this!


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