Sunday, October 25, 2009

down even more!

So, I just did my evening weigh in, and I'm very excited. I am down total of 8 lbs!!! I also had some extra stress today. the transmission on my car went and I'm stressed out and stuck in DE because of it. Oh well, life goes on, and so does the weightloss!

I am down to 230, and hopefully by tomorrow morning, maybe I'll lose another pound.

so, today I ate:

2 apples
about a cup of almonds,
tons of dates,
and drank tons of water.

So, I guess I didn't have as much as I thought I did, but I wasn't hungry so I thought it was fine. I will go back on my juice feasting tomorrow. Will write down everything I eat tomorrow, and then post it here.

stay tuned, same raw time, same raw channel, same raw info! :)
health and blessings.

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