Wednesday, October 28, 2009

another day, another pound.

I miss my dehydrator. I wish I could have an extra one on hand, but unfortunately I can't, so my plan is in the next few weeks, I'm going to make as much "breads" and crackers and cookies as I can fit into the dehydrator, not to mention a few snacks, but I'm making it for a specific purpose.

See, I'm about to travel to my friend's house who is a straight steak and potatoes kind of guy. Well, that doesn't exactly jive well with a RAW diet, so the only thing I really need to worry about bringing is my blender.

So, I'm down another 1/2 lb as of this afternoon, and I'm sorry for not blogging earlier today. I still felt guilty over those chicken nuggets yesterday, but I'm doing MUCH better today. I need to get myself some frozen strawberries for more shakes tomorrow. I LOVE strawberries and just about any other fruit (except bananas, the bane of my existence) together, so I will make myself a smoothie tomorrow morning.

I will add some spinach again. I prefer it- yay greens. :D

Okay, well, this is day 8 (or 9 I have to double check) and I'm down 10.5 and I can already see the fat going. I'm digging it, and it's easier to pull the pants up. granted, I wear them a little tight anyway because my butt is not just butt, it's badonkadonk- so I can't find anything to fit in both my hips and waist.

227.5. WOOHOO! it's going down!

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