Saturday, October 24, 2009


Okay, so I just weighed in at 231.5 lbs!!! 4 days ago I started out at 238 lbs. 6.5 pounds in 4 days. I am SO frigging excited about this!!!

I am trying to be objective, but seriously, with how fast and easily the weight is coming off, I am super jazzed about this.

My skin is glowing,
my eyes are brighter, and so are my teeth! (I think that may be coincidental, but what the heck. I'll attribute it to the raw eating)
my hair is softer,
and I have energy like there's no tomorrow!
I wake up perky and I sleep better.

I go to the bathroom more than I used to.
I need to plan ahead for my meals and what I may be interested in,
I have to plan around fresh food availability.

all in all, I'm happy with this so far- tomorrow will be day 5. can't wait! :D

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