Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sad to Raw day 2

1/2 lb. down. Don't know if that's a major accomplishment, but I'm happy with it. Please keep in mind that I haven't done anything other than wake up, put my contacts in, come downstairs and get on the scale.

I'm starting to drink some water. I've promised myself that I was going to start drinking like 2 cups as soon as I woke up. After all- for the past 8 or so hours I didn't drink anything, so 2 cups sounds good for a starter.

I woke up without the customary grogginess today. pretty nice feeling. My goal for today is have an apple and do some juice feasting. Juice feasting is where you eat tons of green smoothies. I will be sucking down green smoothies today.

I will keep you updated. :)

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