Saturday, October 24, 2009

raw on the run

Wow. Planning ahead is TOTALLY going to be your best friend if you're out and about. take a cooler with fresh veggies, or what I did this morning before my class was made myself a blenderful of smoothie that I took with me in a large coffee mug- you know the insulated kind that kept it cold.

My only was was that it was bigger, but according to the scale, I'm down even MORE! I will let you know when all is said and done but I'm on my second smoothie of the day.

I want to add different greens to my smoothies but I don't know what to add. I'm concerned about the taste of some of them, and there are some fruits and veggies that I just don't like. bananas are one of them. I would rather die than eat a banana. well, maybe not that extreme, but I seriously dislike the flavor, texture, and scent of banana. I have made fruit leathers (roll-ups) out of them masked with other flavors like tons of strawberry and blueberry, but I just can't get myself to actually eat one. I think I will start by adding 1/2 of one to a smoothie.

I'm also worried about the flavors of mustard greens, or collards etc. I love spinach but I'm getting a little tired of it. any suggestions?

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