Wednesday, October 21, 2009

recipes for today.

I am LOVING this. my skin looks plump right now. must be all the water I'm drinking. It's not yet 1 at the time I'm writing this sentence, but I've had so much to eat today! I've had a small granny smith apple, and about 3 cups of various smoothies.

Strawberry Raspberry Green smoothie:
(all measurements approximate. I didn't measure, but it was good)
5 ice cubes,
hand full of raw spinach (washed)
6 strawberries (washed)
10 raspberries (washed)
5 frozen strawberries
tablespoon of dark agave nectar.
about 1/2 cup of water.

blend, drink while cold. Don't sweat the spinach, you CAN'T taste it! Seriously, it's delicious, and my 3 year old son begged me for more.

so I made him this:
strawberry mango green smoothie.
same measurements, as above but use frozen mango chunks instead of raspberries, and cut back on your fresh strawberries. blend, drink, enjoy, get healthier.

Now my daughter is sick and she asked for a smoothie and i made her one with peach and spinach. it was good. I'm going to be making a raw taco here in a little bit for lunch. I can't wait. I love tacos.

I am fighting a cookie craving right now. I DESPERATELY want a cookie, but I'm going to fight against it and make myself a chocolate mousse or something. Just something to get my mind off of the sugar that my body thinks it wants.

I've also made today (which will take some time) some flax seed crackers (in the dehydrator) some cashew cream "cheese", and I'm also in the process of soaking some goji berries and some almonds (different containers). My dehydrator is my best friend, and I'll be making some apple chips in a little while, pretty much overnight, but I'll sprinkle them with cinnamon before I put them on the trays.

If you have a raw recipe you want to share, definitely put it in my comments section. I'll post later on my blog about the tacos and how I made them. :) I'm not 100% raw yet but I'm getting there.

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