Friday, October 23, 2009

Raw day 3

ROFLMAO, I'm down ANOTHER pound! I weighed in at 235 this morning and I'm hyper jazzedabout it!!! While I didn't necessarily spring out of bed this morning, I was on the phone with my bff until midnight last night. (yes, I still say bff!) I did however get up at 7:30 and am fully awake, not groggy and tired like I normally am, you know- the morning zombie in search of coffee.

I haven't had coffee in 3 days and I'm more awake now than I "normally" am. :) So far, I see mega benefits of raw food. I'm getting hungry so I'm going to make myself a smoothie. I think I'm going to add broccoli. I'm also going to make myself a cacao sauce and fill some of my raspberries and blackberries with it. makes a yummy dessert or a snack anytime and guess what- good for you!

Now, when I make my smoothies, I just add everything. I don't worry about what fruits go with what, if i like the taste, I add it. I also add goji berries. I don't particularly like them, but I soaked them and I put them in the shake anyway. their flavor gets covered up, but that's just me. Some people like them dehydrated and chewy.

I think I'm going to put some chocolate in my shake today. Give me a different flavor.

health and blessings.

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